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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Links and Updates

Happy Easter everyone! Whether you're celebrating the resurrection of Christ or the return of Persephone from the Underworld or just hanging out with Eostre (or none of the above) make sure you stay safe and eat sensibly. There's good news on my end, as I managed to secure the library position I was after at the community centre that's within walking distance of where I live – so there's a ton of petrol money saved, and a faster route to my sister in London. I'll get there eventually, guys.
And there's plenty of cool stuff coming up...

So everyone's talking about the Infinity War trailer, and I have to say that even someone who considers herself a casual fan of Marvel is pretty intrigued by where all this is going. As I predicted, it seems certain that the Asgardians are toast (just save Heimdall!) and if I had to put money on one of the Avengers going down it would have to be Vision. (Steve too, but not in this instalment).

Things I'm most looking forward to: their treatment of Thanos (especially in light of comments that he's going to be a main character with three-dimensionality), the reunion of Gamora and Nebula (assuming it takes place), revisiting Wakanda (hopefully with some more Shuri/Bucky interactions), and of course, the meetings of all the main characters and the way they'll bounce off each other. The Guardians and the Avengers and the Wakandians – wow, it's gonna be big.
Things I'm not looking forward to: the creepy Vision/Wanda romance.
I'm also fairly excited about The Incredibles 2, which is a little surprising since I was a bit ho-hum about the first movie (it's hard to believe it was released over ten years ago). But in that time I've found my love and appreciation of Helen Parr to have grown exponentially – even if her kids are still annoying – and it looks as though this movie is going to showcase her in a big way.
And here's the first official picture from the set of Captain Marvel, along with news that Samuel L. Jackson, Lee Pace, Djimon Hounsou and Lee Pace will be joining her (all dudes, but never mind)  and I've gotta say that I'm getting pumped:
Okay, I made a snarky comment about the dudes, but I've since found out that Gemma Chan and Lashana Lynch (that is, Rosaline from Still Star Crossed) are also involved. Woo!
There are a million things on my To Be Watched waiting list, but I'm hoping to get to The Defenders soon, so that I can coincide the second seasons of Jessica Jones and The Handmaid's Tale (there's a lot of rage on the horizon...)
Oh, and I want to get to Black Lightning too. And has anyone seen the trailer for the remake of Lost in Space? I have to say I'm intrigued...
As for cartoons, Star Wars Rebels is up next, hopefully to be followed by Voltron Legendary Defender and Attack on Titan (though I've been warned to avoid the fandom in all three cases).

Honest Trailers have done one for all of Wes Anderson's movies, and it's their best one yet. By the time they started listing all the variations of his quirks, I was crying with laughter...

(Speaking of which, I'm also REALLY looking forward to Isle of Dogs).

As it happens, I'm still sort-of writing a Star Wars: The Last Jedi review (that is, I'm taking copious notes) but I don't think I'll be posting it for a while. There's so much animosity out there that I don't really feel like adding to the morass of negativity, and a lot of what Rian Johnson brought to the table might actually be better in hindsight depending on how the third instalment plays out.
For instance, if they finally commit to Kylo Ren's villany and chose not to waste any more time teasing a redemption arc, then everything that happened here takes on a new and more interesting context (I have this whole spiel about how if Vader represents the tragic grandeur of evil, then Kylo Ren embodies the banality of it, but that's only going to make sense if J.J. Abrams sticks to what Rian Johnson postulates here: that he's not interested in redemption).
So while that's on hiatus, here are some other great links to Star Wars articles:
An ode to one of my favourite Star Wars characters (though contains spoilers for Star Wars Rebels).
Because I'll never get tired of people praising Ahsoka.
This is not actually a negative article; it's pointing out that Johnson's decision to deconstruct and subvert many of the expectations surrounding Star Wars is actually a good thing.
A defence of Luke Skywalker's characterization in The Last Jedi, and why it makes a grim kind of sense.
This is my favourite Kylo Ren-related article, as without getting aggressive it perfectly explores the tedium of violent white male villains being handed redemption arcs on a silver platter with minimal effort on their parts, and how The Last Jedi (hopefully) bucked the trend.
Another good one, but like I said above – this reading depends almost entirely on how the final instalment goes. As this point it could still go either way: will the final word on Kylo solidify him as a violent manbaby who made his own bed or a sad woobie who never did anything wrong?
I was never against the idea of Rey's parents being nobodies, I just wasn't impressed by the way the reveal was handled. This however is a nice look at what it means for the character and the franchise going forward.
A look at some of the clues and plot-points that were strewn throughout The Force Awakens and how it relates (or didn't) to what went down in The Last Jedi.
So many contentious things in this movie, and the choices made by Poe is definitely near the top of the list...
I haven't started Star Wars Rebels yet, but I already know I'm going to love Hera. This is a look at her role in the show and how a largely traditional (and usually boring) archetype was made fresh and interesting.
And of course, the article that erupted across the internet a few weeks ago, and has possibly caused more heated debate than anything involving The Last Jedi:

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