Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rewatch: The Tunnel: S01E06

This time I only have a few brief notes...
So it turns out that Stephen is just a Red Herring? I can't say I'm surprised but – wow. That's a lot of screen-time and built-up to spend on a red herring, especially one that was so obviously not going to turn out to be the killer.
I'm not even sure if it's possible for someone to die of slit wrists that quickly, though the preceding scene in which he takes a woman hostage was fairly suspenseful, all the more so because it was so downplayed. That is probably how a situation like that would unfold in real life, without all the yelling and panic and gunplay.

Hopefully they'll still be able to get some clues from his computer, otherwise his involvement in the show thus far has been rather pointless. I'm also not sure whether the mother-and-son refugees will turn up again.
It was nice to see that blue-eyed French girl again, the more so because she was able to recognise and get a lead on Mehdi Cherfi. The only problem with this subplot was that I got my wires crossed in the last episode and ended up thinking that it was Mehdi's brother who confronted the ex-cop in the back of the car. So for most of this episode I was left wondering why him finding his brother's killer at the abandoned building was such a big deal - after all, he'd already met him.
But as it is, that was someone completely different. And much like Stephen's role as a red herring, I had a feeling that neither father nor son would be able to go through with setting the man on fire. And that he would be shot almost instantly after leaving the building.
Still, it was nice to get a bit of light shed on the situation – that the father wasn't willing to take another man's life in revenge for his son's death. It reminded me a bit of the Joker's gambit on The Dark Knight, where the passengers on the ferry decide not to blow the other boat up.
Is it just me or is this the first time we've seen Elise wearing her hair in a ponytail?
Angel Coulby only gets one scene, but it's a fairly powerful one. Honestly Karl, what were you thinking?? The sad thing is, even if he does catch TT, he's not going to be a hero to his family and I can't say I didn't enjoy his intense discomfort when he turns up at Elise's house to find Adam stepping out of the shower. You don't get to take the moral high-ground when you've just cheated on your wife.
That said, why was Adam there in the first place? How'd he get her address? Why did Elise let him in? What was he doing there? It came across as a bit random.
All the deaths by spontaneous combustion were horrific, and if I'd been a pedestrian, I probably would have just stood there stupidly watching as well (or at least assumed that it was some sort of stunt gone wrong). It was a nice touch that the writers managed to link the victims in with the London Riots.
It strikes me that all of the attacks throughout this show are
deliberately shot from a distance.
I hope I don't get in trouble for this, because I'm not saying that Danny isn't a massive ass (he is) but if a guy doesn't bother to ask for your name, then why go home with him?? If he disrespects you that much the night before, then it's a bit daft to act all sad about it in the morning.
But then Danny (who is very relaxed about continuing to go about his business in a place that has already been the target of a fake bombing) pays for his decision to provoke TT by not running the front-page news-story as requested, and is forced to watch his one-night stand burn to death right in front of his eyes. I was partly hoping it would be Danny himself, though I suppose now he has to be haunted by Kelly's death for the rest of his life.
As for Kelly's silver track-suit, its sheer hideousness burned my eyes until I realized that it was probably some special anti-fire proof gear designed to protect the actress after they set her alight. Kind of reminds me of the horribly tangled hair that was brushed all over that horse's face on Merlin – it looked dreadful, but on reflection, it was no doubt done to hide the fixtures of the fake horn that turned it into a unicorn.
Over halfway through now! Only four more episodes to go, but still no release date for season two!

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