Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rewatch: The Tunnel: S01E08

Last week I was left wondering where the plot would go now that TT's five truths have been completed. As it turns out: personal vendetta.

It was a little hard to follow the first time around since I was busy trying to figure out what the deal with Fabien was, but from what I can gather Karl once worked with a man called Kieran Ashton who had to leave police service after he uncovered some scandalous information whilst investigating a human trafficking ring. Karl was the one who had to remove him from the force and help him adjust to civilian life, only for Ashton's wife and son to die in a car accident that Danny Hillier (then called Giles Haddock) was part of.
Furthermore, it seems apparent that Karl at some point slept with Ashton's wife. It was wonderfully telegraphed really, what with Karl off-handedly mentioning that Ashton's wife was unhappy, Elise asking who told him that and Karl simply responding: "she did." By now we know him well enough to know exactly what those two words imply.
So it would appear that Ashton faked his own death and has been preparing for revenge, against both society and those involved in the death of his family/expulsion from the force, ever since.
Oh, and it's James Frain. WOW TOTALLY DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING. Except it was obvious from the second he stepped on screen. There's a trope for this: Narrowed It Down To The Guy I Recognised, when an audience is able to spot a murderer simply because he or she is played by a well-known actor. Because you don't bring in a James Frain to play Bystander #3. Well, unless he's appearing on Sleepy Hollow, I suppose.
Still, it was chilling to see him interacting with Laura and Adam, knowing that both of them haven't the faintest idea who he is. Is it safe to assume that Laura's illness was brought on by the coffee that "John" gave to her in the cafe? And that poor Adam, who thinks he's been in touch with his ex-girlfriend all this time (months? years?) has actually been sharing his heart and soul with a psychopath?
Speaking of which - so much Angel in this episode! I liked that she and Adam were given a scene which demonstrates that they get on well as step-mother/step-son, even if she did blow up at him later. I felt a bit sorry for him, but still - if I was tired, sick, stressed, pregnant and cheated on, and someone suggested that I was sleeping with someone out of revenge I'd no doubt snap as well. And she broke my heart with her line to Karl: "I thought I was different. I'll never believe that again."
Most people in the world don't get to be "different" because they fight crime or become superheroes or change society - the best we can hope for it to be special in the eyes of another person. And when that's gone, then poof! To have a broken heart is more often than not analogous to feeling your self-esteem plummet.
But I have hope for this family; not only did Adam make the effort to communicate with his father (and I aww'ed when it turned out that he loved Tom's Midnight Garden - me too, Adam) but Karl and Laura found out that they're having twins. And Karl tells Elise that he's hoping for girls - it took me a few seconds to realize the implications of this, then I aww'ed again. Let's just hope they all make it through the final two episodes.
I quite enjoyed this late addition of Andrea Kerrigan, especially her bemusement with Elise, though it would appear that she's covering something up with her mention of "Peloton" over the phone. Last time I saw this actress she was on an episode of Lewis with Tim Mison. Yup, Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod Crane. Small world.
As I thought, Fabien was a Red Herring. It's almost a shame, as he ended up quite a compelling character: a sociopathic ex-field officer (or something) who was booted from the force, but still keeps his finger in the pie by recruiting young agents to act as his protégées and informers. And he more or less staged his own arrest/escape and Elise's kidnapping in order to ... get her to speak on his behalf? To get the force to leave him alone? Did I get that right? Seemed a bit excessive, though I suppose you have to resort to such measures when you've got drug barons after you.
I'm surprised that Elise didn't get into more trouble after firing shots at Fabien in the car, especially since a hostage was involved, but I liked the implication that she's so prepared to give her own life in pursuit of TT that she assumes everyone is. Conversely, she's also beginning to recognise Karl's jokes and respond to them, and seemed rather touched when he voiced his wish for girl twins. 
Also, nice bit of acting from Clémence Poésy when we actually see her put Fabien's information in her memory house. All the pieces are beginning to be slotted into place what with mentions of Peloton and Alain Joubert.
And poor Gael, dragged in for questioning when all he's trying to do is sort out his relationship with Elise. Yet it's probably best for him to call it quits at this stage: male or female, nobody likes to be used as a booty call for very long. Well, I suppose some might, but not many probably.
Was anyone else shouting at Elise to turn around when Fabien started walking up behind her? Anyone else scream when Romane was shot in the head? Hopefully it wasn't just me.
And my new favourite character would have to be the pathologist that gives Karl the once-for. Heck, it's probably what inspired Laura to do the same with Adam later on.

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