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Friday, May 25, 2018

Links and Updates

Yeah, I know it's been slow around here, but working full-time is haaaaaaard. Hang in there till the end of August and I promise I'll start posting more often.
So there's a lot of interesting things happening on the pop-culture front: Solo is apparently a lot better than anyone expected. Brooklyn 99 and The Expanse were saved from cancellation. Once Upon a Time was finally put out of is misery. New promotional pictures were released from How To Train Your Dragon 3. The first trailer for the Sense8 finale is up. Meghan Markle got married.
I'm watching Supergirl and Into the Badlands on a weekly basis, while simultaneously churning through season five of Arrow and Lost in Space. I'm still hoping to see Isle of Dogs at the movies, and looking forward to the Picnic at Hanging Rock miniseries.
I also ended up going on a weird swords-and-sandals spree, watching all three of the Conan films and the two 2014 Hercules movies. Yeah, I'm as confused as you are.
But most excitingly, I've got tickets to Armageddon, which is New Zealand's answer to Comic Con (on a much, much smaller scale). But I've never been before, and Katie McGrath will be there! I'm not that interested in getting a photo or an autograph – to be honest, I hate that sort of thing – but I'll go to the panel she's attending.  I'll post a full report afterwards!

Though I'm probably being a bit pre-emptive in posting these (better quality ones will be released soon), I was interested in see the new looks for Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs in How To Train Your Dragon 3. I had a couple of problems with the last movie, but I love the way they've committed to aging up these characters with each instalment.

I remember it well: the summer of Lois Duncan. I churned through nearly all of her books when I was twelve or so, and found something to enjoy in each one. She's a great writer for young teens, with standalone novels that had genuine levels of chills and suspense, and (even more impressive) were markedly different from one another. There was the one with the teens who accidentally killed their teacher, and the one where a community relived the Salem Witch Hunts, and the one with the girl who was tricked into kidnapping a baby (it made more sense in context).
And what do you know: one of my favourites has been adapted.
It looks as though they're upping the horror factor (which is a bit of a shame, since the story's plot is fine just one its own) but I'll probably catch it sooner or later.
In the wake of Infinity War, I found a couple of interesting articles: Infinity War's Obsession with the Male Ego (which I noted in my own review) and The Evolution of Black Widow (written in the wake of the long-awaited news that she was finally getting her own movie ... a few years after everyone stopped caring about it, but never mind).
And the Captain Marvel poster, which somehow slid right past me. A guy at work had to tell me it was out, and believe me, that doesn't happen very often.


  1. I’m four or five episodes behind on Supergirl as I’d lost some affection for it (mostly because of the Mon-El focus), is it worth dipping back in?

    1. To be honest, I was only a casual fan to begin with, so my reaction to it has always been: "meh." I watch mainly because (like all the DC shows) it doesn't ask too much of my brain.

      That said, I'm sick of Mon-El too (and all he represents), but it's still up in the air as to whether or not he'll be gone for good by the end of the season. If nothing else, the showrunners definitely know how unpopular he is (based on comments made in-show), and may well be setting up for his permanent departure. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking of my part.

    2. Ah okay, hopefully they decide to focus back on what made the show enjoyable - personally I don’t know why they brought him back in the first place when his arc wrapped up at the end of last season. Well of course I know /why/, but it was a strange choice to write him out then back in again.