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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Standing Tall #22

So as it happens, I have very little memories of this giraffe. It was one of the first ones I saw on the day I went out to track down all the giraffes in the city, and I guess it didn't make much of an impression on me.
It was the location that really counted, as it was in one of what's known as the city's "gap fillers", where sculptures or playgrounds or markets have been erected in the vacant sites where buildings have been demolished after the Christchurch City earthquakes.
This one had a mini-book exchange where people could leave or take the books that were available in a special display cabinet, and the giraffe itself was a tribute to the other gap fillers in the area. Called Giraffa Spatiumnolovacuam and designed by Jen McBride, its patterns represented places like The Commons, the Pallet Pavilion, the Dance-O-Mat, and the Gap Golf, some of which are still up and running.

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