Thursday, June 1, 2017

Woman of the Month: Nomi Marks

Nomi Marks from Sense8
There's only one problem with the entire second season of Sense8 being released on Netflix: I raced through it in a matter of days. Why didn't I pace myself? Why didn't I prolong the enjoyment? Like a kid with a chocolate bar I just didn't have the self-discipline for delayed gratification.
For those not in the know, Sense8 explores the concept of a brand new species of human called "homo sensorium", in which eight people born at exactly the same moment end up psychically connected to one another. It sounds like a simple enough premise, but the Wachowski siblings turn it into something truly sublime. This is a story in which eight people strewn across the globe can not only interact with each other, but pool their skills and resources into a single body.
When it comes to shows with ensemble casts, viewers make much of deciding who is "the heart" or "the mum" of the group. Here, Nomi holds the interesting position of being the mind of her cluster. In this nexus of characters, she's the one who links them together with information and planning, a nice reflection of her hacking skills.
Given her occupation as a political blogger and hacktivist, her strained relationship with her parents regarding her transition, and a frightening first season arc that involves what can only be called "medical gaslighting," you can't help but feel that Nomi represents some very personal issues and opinions held by Lana and Lily Wachowski.
But it's more important to note that they avoid making her a perfect angel, as she's certainly not without her flaws. On being told via her sister that their father considers her narcissistic, she unconsciously proves his point when her speech at her sister's rehearsal dinner ends up being mostly about her (with a few pointed barbs at her parents for good measure).
And yet a little self-absorption isn't a deal breaker. By placing her at the intellectual centre of the cluster, Nomi attains the position of mastermind or string-puller behind the other sensates. When it comes to the overarching mystery of the show, involving past clusters and shady conspiracies, it's usually Nomi heading the investigation. Her hacking skills have frequently been utilized in the cluster's assorted missions; and at times her abilities reach near god-like proportions (from another country entirely, she manages to scare the crap out of a bad guy by threatening him through an automated car park gate).
Funny, clever, and with a firm grasp on who she is and what she wants (I doubt it's a coincidence that her name is phonetically pronounced "Know Me"), Nomi doesn't just contribute technological knowhow to the cluster, but also wisdom and compassion born of experience.
Also, her relationship with Amanita has got to be the most adorable of the entire show. Well, maybe second to Lito and Hernando.


  1. And now they've confirmed its cancellation - I will be so sad to see Nomi and the others go. I loved Nomi, her relationship with Amanita and her 3 dads. She really has so much compassion and empathy.
    Disappointing we won't get to see a huge wedding

    1. I'm completely miserable, especially since I didn't even realize the show was in trouble. I thought for sure that five seasons (which I believe was the intended long-term plan) was assured. I'm hoping against hope we'll get some sort of special just to wrap up some of the most glaring loose ends. Wolfgang! Detective Mun! Whispers!

      Gah, I'm so angry right now.