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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Standing Tall #19

It's not difficult to see what this giraffe's design was inspired by: the influx of signs and cones that filled the city after the quake, marking out dangerous areas and alternative routes.  (Fun fact: the city of Christchurch actually ran out of orange traffic cones and had to have them shipped in from elsewhere).
Titled Safety First and designed by Justine Ottey, this giraffe was positioned (as you can see below) in sight of some of the very symbols that adorn its back and legs. As depressing as it sounds, many remain there over five years later, but for a little while at least this giraffe managed to turn most of them into a work of art.
My favourite detail would have to be turning the giraffe's neck into a crane, and the tiny traffic markers that have been fashioned from its ossicones (I had to look that word up – you learn something new every day!)

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