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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Standing Tall #17

This was another fun one, situated alongside Tall Toys at the Cathedral Junction – an appropriate placement considering the two giraffes had a "child" theme: a wooden toy and an iconic character from a famous children's book respectively.
This particular Queen of Hearts was based on the character from Tim Burton's film given that Helen Bonham Carter's likeness was featured on the giraffe's collar. In fact there were lots of neat details: lipstick, earrings – even fake eyelashes!
Designed by Martyn Giles, it's currently located in the front garden of a home in Sumner, along with all sorts of other Alice in Wonderland themed sculptures and ornaments. I see it every time I drive there, making it one of only about four giraffes (that I know of) which are still visible to the public.

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