Monday, July 28, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit teaser trailer was finally released at Comic Con, and though I still have issues with the fact it’s been renamed The Battle of the Five Armies, there’s a lot of neat stuff to look forward to here.

Bilbo is still the least-interesting character to me; I don’t know whether it’s because of Martin Freeman overload or because The Desolation of Smaug more-or-less made him a supporting character amidst a ton of more compelling ones, but I’m most looking forward to Bard and Galadriel (the former because of what the book promises, and the latter because of what the film franchise hints at).

A big surprise was the trailer’s use of the song Billy Boyd performed in The Return of the King; it’s a poignant way of linking the prequels with the original trilogy.

Galadriel’s feet! Has Peter Jackson been watching Firefly?  

Other people have reservations with the whole Tauriel/Kili quasi-romance, but I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll all pan out. Kili’s fate is pretty much set in stone thanks to the book, but what about Tauriel? I can’t help but feel that she’ll die in battle (it’s the only way to explain her absence in The Lord of the Rings), which will also have an inevitable bearing on Legolas and his attitude toward dwarfs.

The mounts that the elves are riding look rather like something out of Hayao Miyazaki. Yakul the red elk from Princess Mononoke, anyone? It’s not just me?

Loved the shot of the dwarfs marching out to battle, flanked by Bilbo and Thorin.

I spotted Thranduil a couple of times, but there was no Radagast to be seen. Do you think he’s been Jar Jarred? (Because honestly, I quite liked the guy!)

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